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Someday This Will All Make Sense - Audio Poem - This Might Help

   When I was fifteen, my best friend wanted to die.
    And I did not know.
    I could not see his hurt because I never wanted it to be there in the first place. A boy whose eyes once radiated warmth, whose smile offered solace, had become the vacant shell of a not-quite man; a person I didn’t recognize, and I said nothing.

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She Braids My Hair - Fiction - Telescope Podcast

 I know something bad has happened to Kara when I arrive at my internship, prepared for another day of taking phone calls and sweeping hair off the floor, and I don’t hear her voice on the radio. I’ve memorized their script at this point. I move my lips along to their words: 
   “Goooooooood afternoon, and welcome to Calgary’s only no-repeat work day, I’m Alex.”
   And where it’s supposed to be, “And I’m Kara!” I instead hear the nearly pubescent voice of some guy named Rick. I fumble over the changed words, the different narrator. Not right.

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Fauna by Christiane Vadnais - Review - Understorey Magazine

   Ask any young person what they think about climate change and the prognosis is likely grim. They’ll recall childhood science classes full of dire nature documentaries and summers that got warmer and warmer with each passing year. I am twenty-one years old and the idea that damage done by the climate crisis will soon be irreparable is not new to me, but that doesn’t make the reality of the situation any less haunting. Life is a constant balance of doing my part for the world and trying not to think too hard about the things I cannot change.

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The future of fashion: How COVID-19 is changing the industry - Journalism - The Calgary Journal

When the world shut down mid-March, it shut down quickly. One day it was business as usual, and then like dominoes, companies closed their doors indefinitely, having employees work from home, or laying them off entirely. The question that seemed to be at the front of everyone’s mind: “When will the world get back to normal?”

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