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We took this inclusive Calgary fitness class to boost our physical and mental wellbeing

   The snow is (finally!) melting in Calgary, and if you’re anything like me, your body is probably ready to come out of hibernation and get moving.
    But trying new physical activities can feel intimidating, and workout classes are no exception — especially if you share my experience of being picked last in gym class. The key to combating workout anxiety is finding a fitness environment that’s welcoming, inclusive, and can be adapted to your body’s needs, whatever they may be.

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We tried a scoop of Canada’s best 2024 ice cream and we can’t get enough

   I’m a coffee lover. Not just a coffee drinker, though the beverage has been a staple in my daily routine for the better part of the last decade…
    No, I love coffee and the roles it’s played in my life. When I moved provinces, I got to know my new city by trying its various cafes. I was a barista throughout my undergrad, and I’ve had many great conversations with friends over iced lattes and cold brew.

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5 things Toronto would never have without Black Canadians

   Each February, Canada recognizes Black History Month as a way to honour the legacy of Black people in Canada.
    Black people and their communities have shaped Canada’s heritage and identity for hundreds of years. Still, their contributions have been largely ignored as a key part of Canadian history.
    While Black History Month is a valuable time to celebrate the rich past and present contributions of Black people and their accomplishments, such trailblazers deserve to be celebrated and appreciated year-round.

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How Indspire helped this Canadian student pursue her dreams in literature

   Every student deserves a chance to reach their full potential, but oftentimes Indigenous youth are faced with additional challenges when it comes to breaking cycles and achieving goals.
    According to Statistics Canada, just under two-thirds (63%) of Indigenous youth graduate high school, compared with 91% of the non-Indigenous population. Displacement as a result of Canada’s residential schools and the Sixties Scoop, along with other societal shortcomings, has resulted in a cultural genocide that negatively affects Indigenous peoples to this day.

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Take a blast into the past with these 5 must-see exhibits at The Military Museums in Calgary

The largest military museum in Western Canada takes guests on a journey through history to learn about the Canadian military, from as far back as the 19th century to the present day. Featuring seven different museum areas, four regimental galleries, and countless artifacts, this museum is a one-of-a-kind educational experience for all ages.
    Oh, and did we mention it’s right here in Calgary?

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4 February concerts to check out at The Royal Conservatory’s Koerner Hall in Toronto

   The Royal Conservatory has just announced its February lineup, which will feature concerts and performances by extraordinary artists from Canada and worldwide.
    Located in the historic (and stunning) Koerner Hall building on Bloor St. West, you'll be able to shake off the winter blues by taking in some top-tier live music at one of these upcoming events.

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