Hand Me Downs

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Contemporary fiction 
Seeking representation

It isn’t easy being a parent. Patty dreams of a nuclear family, but motherhood turns into a wake-up call when she struggles to connect with her son. Terry becomes a father earlier than expected and vows to give his daughter a better childhood than he had, no matter what it takes. Milo gets a second chance at life, but as his son grows up exhibiting signs of mental illness, he wonders if he should have chopped down his family tree when he had the chance. 

But, it isn’t any easier being a kid. James is lying to everyone he knows; putting on the facade of Mr. Perfect while over-analyzing his every action. Jules doesn’t know how to express her femininity when all of her influences are boys. Loud-mouth Eli is constantly getting in trouble for what he does - and doesn’t - say, and Nathan’s sexuality has all but alienated him from his religious parents before he even understands what it means to be gay. 

Kids grow up quickly, but adults grow up forever, and as this group of friends experiences a decade of love and loss, they’ll realize that no childhood is complete without their parents’ hand-me-downs. 

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