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Jared Darcy Tailfeathers | Top 40 Under 40 2023

    Growing up away from his father’s family on the Kainai Nation in southern Alberta, Jared Darcy Tailfeathers didn’t always feel connected to his Blackfoot community. He explored his culture through leatherwork and beading as a teen. But it wasn’t until his graduation in 2015 from Alberta College of Art + Design (now AUArts) that he found his calling in Indigenous art.

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Why Stackable Crops are Gaining Ground in Calgary

    When it comes to agricultural production, Alberta is a Canadian frontrunner, second only to Saskatchewan in terms of total field crop area and ranking a respectable fourth in greenhouse capacity. However, due to harsh prairie winters, fresh produce is imported to Alberta year-round, as only 60 per cent of Alberta greenhouses operate seasonally, and the remaining 40 per cent that are open all year cannot keep up with demand.

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This Calgary Tattoo Studio is On a Mission to Make the Industry More Inclusive and Safe

   In 2020, after being sexually harassed by an older colleague during her apprenticeship, Janeen Scott and three of her female colleagues — Taylor Hudson, Geneva Haley and Marlee Watts — opened their own studio, Hemlock Tattoo. While Scott’s harasser was eventually fired, she says the experience revealed gaps in communication, safety (beyond hygiene) and consent between artists, clients and colleagues that need addressing in the industry. At Hemlock, they’re aiming to do just that.

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Why Major Film and Television Productions are Coming to Southern Alberta

   The Alberta film and television industry has had its star-making moments over the years, with award-winning and critically acclaimed projects such as Brokeback Mountain and The Revenant shining a spotlight on the province and its natural beauty. 
But the past two years have seen the provincial film sector as a whole make great strides.
    In 2019, the film and television industry in Alberta brought in approximately $250 million of work, with many of the marquee projects of that year filmed in the southern part of the province. Locals might recall Ghostbusters: Afterlife shooting in Fort Macleod and other surrounding areas, and Jumanji: The Next Level taking up residence in the Rockies. In 2021, that number rose to an estimated $482 million.

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Meet 5 Calgarians With the Coolest Jobs Around

   Imagine having a job you love. Now imagine getting to do it with your best furry friend. Fire investigator Jodie Grisdale doesn’t have to wonder. She works with a black Labrador retriever named Willow, one of the few fire-accelerant detection dogs in Canada.
    Grisdale started out as a firefighter and worked her way up to being an investigator, a role that seeks to figure out how fires start. When signs point to arson, it can be difficult to determine what happened, as most of the evidence has likely gone up in flames. This is where Willow comes in, to assist in determining origin and cause.

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